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The TrailerTHE FILM'S TRAILER (1:48, 3.1 MB)
Here is the current trailer in its entirety. Enormous thanks to my friends at Digital Video Services for doing such excellent work in digitizing this and the following film clips from my original video source. The image quality is excellent and the file size is low. I highly recommend these guys. Play Quicktime movie

CLIP 1 (2 minutes, 3.2 MB)
Apparently free of the responsibilities of having to get married, penpals Trevor (Corin Nemec) and Mira (Yelena Danova) leaf through his old letters to her, and quietly muse on a happier time - and an uncertain future. Play Quicktime movie

Clips 1CLIP 2 (1 minute 30 seconds, 2.4 MB)
A montage of Melody (Melanie Lynskey) trying to settle into her somewhat unsatisfying life, going through her routine until the second mysterious postcard from France arrives, inspiring her imagination to kick into high gear. Play Quicktime movie

CLIP 3 (45 seconds, 1.3 MB)
A groggy Trevor, fresh from arriving in California after a long plane ride from his native London, meets Rachel (Blaire Baron), Mira's very American - and very energetic - host mother. Play Quicktime movie

Clips 2CLIP 4 (2 minutes 20 seconds, 3.4 MB)
Melody and Jonas (Wil Wheaton) meet "cute" - or meet awkward, anyway - after she signs up for a weekly neighborhood watch program. Later that night, Melody lies in bed and re-reads the first mysterious postcard, comparing the exotic French stranger to the neighborhood goofball. Play Quicktime movie

CLIP 5 (36 seconds, 1 MB)
The day after Mira informs Trevor that her host family is expecting his visit to result in marriage, the two penpals wrack their heads over what's to be done. Play Quicktime movie


Lynskey Interview part IMelanie Lynskey Interview - Part I
Mel discusses how she first became involved in the film. Play Quicktime movie

Wheaton InterviewWil Wheaton Interview
Wil talks about why he decided to work on the film. Play Quicktime movie

Lynskey Interview part IIMelanie Lynskey Interview - Part II
Mel reveals what it was that she liked about the script. Play Quicktime movie

Wheaton/Lynskey InterviewWil and Mel Wrap Things Up
The two stars of "Dear Jenny" say nice things about everybody. Play Quicktime movie


(All interviews were conducted by the film's Unit Production Manager, Bill Millsap.)

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