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02-15-05: Finally streamlined the Video page.

12-22-04: ForCor released on DVD in Norway.

12-14-04: Claustrophobia is released on DVD under the title Serial Slayer in the US and Canada. More info here.

10-22-04: ForCor has its first non-US public screening in Munich, Germany.

05-11-04: Added more Norway pics to the Festivals page.

02-06-04: Updated the Festivals page to include Las Vegas and Norway. Cleaned up the site a little.

08-21-03: ForCor plays at the Norwegian International Film Festival.

July 2003: Claustrophobia is sold for U.S./Canadian home video distribution.

06-23-03: ForCor is now available on Netflix!

06-18-03: Claustrophobia premieres in Los Angeles.

06-03-03: 300 DVDs of ForCor have been shipped to Netflix for member rental.

05-31-03: Post-production completed on Claustrophobia.

08-05-02: The List of Nine has now been moved to its new home at cassavafilms.com, which also features information on Mark's second feature Claustrophobia.

07-21-02: Editing commences for Claustrophobia.

07-16-02: Film is part of the VSDA "Filmmakers of Tomorrow" program at this year's Home Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Sales are made to several independent video retailers around the U.S.

06-14-02: Principal photography completed on Claustrophobia.

06-03-02: Principal photography begins on Mark's second feature film, Claustrophobia, starring ForCor star Melanie Lynskey.

May 2002: Film gets its widest distribution by being aired on the popular "Showtime Too" cable channel.

12-12-01: DVD and VHS go on sale to general public.

11-19-01: DVD completed.

Early November 2001: Film starts airing on Showtime's digital satellite network "Showtime Women."

09-17-01: Film gets official U.S. theatrical release (four days on one screen, but official nonetheless).

08-21-01: Record video interviews with Wil Wheaton and Corin Nemec for DVD.

08-13-01: Record video interview with Melanie Lynskey for DVD.

07-27-01: Mark records director's commentary voiceover for DVD.

06-28-01: Distributors have been dismissed, and work begins on self-distribution for the U.S. video market.

05-01-01: Film starts airing on Showtime's digital satellite network "Showtime Next."

Late April 2001: Rights sold to Greece.

03-13-01: The Press and Festivals sections have been completed.

02-06-01: The MPAA has officially rated this film PG-13.

01-08-01: Star Wil Wheaton helps stump for the movie at the annual VSDA (home video) convention in Las Vegas.

Early November 2000: Rights sold to Russia.

09-16-00: Film plays at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival for two days and to good response.

08-03-00: Mark finishes the second draft of Sharky Baby and starts sending it out.

Mid-July 2000: Rights secured with Showtime's "Showtime Next" digital satellite network.

June 2000: Rights sold to Turkey.

06-07-00: All the clips from the film are online. Now you can view all 5 clips throughout the year rather than one per month. Enjoy!

05-26-00: Mark finishes the first draft of his new film Sharky Baby.

04-29-00: Mark teaches an online course! To get the full dirt on the making of ForCor, go to The Hollywood Experts Online and take the "class!"

04-23-00: A nice article on the site, including a pretty decent interview with Mark, is on Sony's Unitic site. (Scroll down, you'll find it in the Archives)

03-22-00: The film opens the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival in Los Angeles, and gets a good response and a nice glass trophy.

03-16-00: The April issue of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine includes an article on Mark.

01-28-00: Film does well at the Art In Motion Film Festival in Los Angeles.

10-17-99: This site featured on the popular American TV show Roger Ebert & the Movies.

10-14-99: Mark speaks about the film - and the site - at Digiforum, part of the Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

10-08-99: This site is featured on the ZDTV (now TechTV) program Internet Tonight. Check out Mark's long hair!

08-11-99: Film gets a distributor: Creative Light Worldwide is hired to handle worldwide distribution rights.

07-17-99: The CBS television show Wild Wild Web features a segment on this site.

07-08-99: Images from the popular end credits are online. Unlike any movie credits you've ever seen.

07-07-99: THE NEW AND IMPROVED TRAILER is online - bigger, smoother, much higher image quality.

07-02-99: PBS's Net Cafe airs its "Hollywood on the Net" episode that features an interview with Mark.

06-13-99: Film premieres at the Chicago Alt.film Fest and wins Best Screenplay at the festival.

06-11-99: A great article on ForCor appears in the Chicago Tribune.

06-05-99: The television show CNET Central features a segment on the site.

05-29-99: Listen to the ForCor soundtrack online! The Music and Post-production pages are now up. Go to the Completion section for both.

05-14-99: A pretty entertaining article about ForCor has been published in The Boston Globe.

04-15-99: Film is accepted into the Chicago Alt.film Fest.

04-10-99: Film enjoys its San Francisco premiere, at a private screening.

04-09-99: A major article on ForCor is published on the front page of The San Jose Mercury News, and is distributed worldwide. Read the article here.

04-08-99: Second and last major screening in Los Angeles.

03-14-99: The site gets a face-lift. Teaser sites for Mark's upcoming film projects Typhoid Mary and Scarred for Life go online. Words and pictures from the premiere are now online.


01-22-99: Final audio mix completed.

01-15-99: Music editing completed.

01-11-99: Main titles completed.

12-29-98: Actors Melanie Lynskey and Alice Cunningham come in for ADR work.

12-18-98: Foley work (live sound effects) completed.

12-17-98: Mark finishes a new screenplay, The Seagull, based on the classic Chekhov play. One of the producers of that future film: ForCor star Yelena Danova.

12-16-98: Music scoring - with a live orchestra - completed.

12-14-98: Two more investors come aboard through the site.

12-11-98: There's a very nice article about Mark, the site and the film at the Daily Illini, both online and in print.

12-08-98: Actors Corin Nemec and Steve Valentine come in for ADR (dialog replacement) work.

12-05-98: Final crew salaries are paid.

12-01-98: Big hooray for two major investors coming on board, thanks to the site.

11-24-98: The film's first trailer goes online.

10-07-98: Make-up Polaroid Gallery goes online.

09-30-98: Sound editing and negative cutting begin.

09-11-98: Composer Christopher Farrell starts working on the score.

08-28-98: Check out the Journals of script supervisor Marilyn Estes in the Secrets section. (It replaces the International page, which you can still visit here.)

08-14-98: Final cast salaries are paid.

08-05-98: Second cut of the film is finally edited together.

07-31-98: ForCor star Melanie Lynskey makes her Hollywood debut in Ever After.

07-15-98: Site wins USA Today's "Hot Site" award.

07-09-98: Check out Mark's big interview (and bad haircut) on the Quest 4 web site.

07-07-98: Mark starts working at Paramount Pictures.

06-25-98: The last insert photographs needed for the film are finally shot.

06-19-98: Mark completes a new screenplay, titled Every Stranger's Eyes.

06-10-98: Another new investor comes aboard thanks to the web site!

04-09-98: FAQ page added.

03-16-98: Two more small investments come in, thanks to the site.

03-13-98: Melanie Lynskey records voiceovers for the film.

03-05-98: You can now buy still photos in the Secrets section!

03-01-98: Complete From Scratch section goes online.

02-08-98: Yelena Danova gallery added.

01-24-98: Site wins Cool Central link for the day.

01-23-98: Site wins "Cool Site of the Day." Number of users soars from 50 the day before to 3,523 this day.

01-18-98: Costume Polaroid Gallery section goes online.

01-17-98: Celebrating the first major investor to come aboard as a direct result of this site.

01-11-98: Long-awaited insert shots are filmed in Los Angeles.

01-04-98: Video section goes online. Cast section expanded. Corin Nemec gallery added.

12-08-97: Secrets section goes online. Wil Wheaton and Melanie Lynskey galleries added.

11-24-97: Web site goes online.

11-08-97: www.forcor.com registered; teaser page goes online.

10-13-97: Rough cut of the entire film completed.

08-10-97: "Love, Trevor" segment wraps. Principal photography completed.

07-31-97: "Love, Trevor" segment begins shooting in Mountain View, California.

07-29-97: "Dear Jenny" segment wraps.

07-20-97: Production begins in Los Angeles, California, with scenes from both "Dear Jenny" and "Love, Trevor" shot.

07-03-97: Production is postponed from its original start date of July 7, due to lack of funds.

05-02-97: "Start money" is raised through some investors; pre-production and casting begins.

04-28-97: Julia Stemock signs on as producer, increases budget from its original $40K to something much higher.

11-13-96: Melanie Lynskey agrees to play the part of Melody.

October, 1996: Film changes name from Dear Jenny... Love, Trevor to Foreign Correspondents.

09-01-96: Letter written to Melanie Lynskey, asking her if she might care to act in the film.

August, 1996: "Love, Trevor" segment of screenplay completed.

June, 1996: "Love, Trevor" segment of screenplay is begun.

April, 1996: "Dear Jenny" segment of screenplay is written.


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