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Julia Stemock has spent over thirty years in the entertainment industry, filling a variety of positions that have ultimately led to her lifelonggoal of producing quality independent films. During her 1979 - 1982 tenure at PBS/UNOCAL, Julia produced many noteworthy educational programs, live stage performances, television movies and mini-series,including The Jack London Story, The Zoo Story, The Water Engine, Oliver! and The Secret Garden. Julia formed her own film production company, Greenstem Productions, in 1991, and in the first year of the company's existence, she produced the feature Blade (not the Wesley Snipes movie). Her 1993 film Last Sunday Morning won awards for best comedy short subject at both Worldfest-Charleston 1994 and Worldfest-Houston 1995. She also produced The Disturbance at Dinner, an award-winning short film starring Kelly Rutherford (Melrose Place) and our own James Michael Tyler (Friends). Julia also served as co-producer on Mark Tapio Kines's second feature Claustrophobia and most recently line produced Red Roses and Petrol, starring Malcolm McDowell, The Gymnast, Glass Trap, and Blue Demon.

SCOTT SPEARS, Director of Photography
The incredibly busy Scott Spears has worked in film and video production for over 25 years. He is an Emmy award winner for his cinematography on the short film The Birthmark, which aired on PBS in 1994. Scott also shot the features A Letter From Death Row, starring Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen, Cold Ones with C. Thomas Howell, White Air with Dominique Swain and Tom Sizemore, and many successful genre features and shorts. When not telling stories on film, he is finding time to shoot commercials and is exploring a new variation on cinematography, high-speed motion photography, running at speeds of 10,000 frames a second.

Chris attended the Eastman School of Music as well as the UCLA Film Scoring Program and the ASCAP Film Scoring Program. Chris has composed original music for a wide variety of shorts and features, including the genre pictures Nightmare Man and Jacqueline Hyde and the aforementioned Disturbance at Dinner. He also composed the scores for the thrillers Tomorrow By Midnight and Shakedown, as well as the campy Corman flick Slaughter Studios. He also composed the soundtrack for Mark Tapio Kines's second feature Claustrophobia.

Jay has spent his career working in all phases of production and post production in film, video and interactive media. He has written and directed innumerable films and is a published short story author. He won an OBIE and two Emmys for his production of Nathanial Hawthorne's The Birthmark for PBS. He wrote and directed the CD-ROM Titanic: an Interactive Exploration, which won the Interactive Academy Award for best documentary, and edited the Oscar-nominated short film Bronx Cheers. His recent films as director - Live Evil, Ghost Lake, Trancers 6, and Demonicus - are successful genre titles.

HUNTER CRESSALL, Production Designer
Hunter has been a full-time designer in film, television and print for many years. His credits include over twenty feature films as well as various multimedia and print projects. Among these are the Tele Award-winning Tilted Television and Prey of the Jaguar, which won praise at the Cannes Film Festival. He has also worked as production designer for the thrillers Assault on Dome 4, Skeletons, and Firestorm and directed the sci fi shorts Zero Prospect and Remember the Future.

CAROLINE MARX, Costume Designer
Caroline has designed costumes for many television series, including Memphis Beat, Gilmore Girls and Lucky Louie, after beginning as a costumer on In Living Color. She has also been the costume designer for a number of indie features, including The Killing Room, Happy Campers, and College. Caroline's latest claim to fame is as costume designer for the theatrically-released High School Musical 3.

CYNTHIA ELLIS, Casting Director
Cynthia's first industry job was to complete casting for Alan Parker's cult film Angel Heart. Since then, she has helped cast a large number of major television shows, including Robbery: Homicide Division, Santa Barbara and Michael Hayes. She also worked as Associate Casting Director on Michael Mann's Heat and, more recently, on the comedy feature Fat Albert.

STAN ENG, Gaffer
In case you ever wondered just what the hell the gaffer does, Mr. Eng has written his own, er, uh, bio. Click here to read it.

More information on the crew can be obtained at this film's entry in The Internet Movie Database.

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