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This is from their "Hollywired" issue, printed in March 2000 (but dated April), shortly before the downfall of entertainment-related Web sites (and the online industry in general). It was a tie-in with their "Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival" held a few weeks later, where I was invited to show Foreign Correspondents.

Writer Bilge Ebiri really did his homework, double-checking each fact with me before going to print. I guess that's the difference between a monthly magazine and a daily newspaper: with a magazine, you have more time to make sure everything's accurate. And I must say, getting my photo taken by renowned Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman was quite a treat. It was like something out of a movie: assistants everywhere, techno music pounding, the photographer snapping away, shouting "That's sexy - hold it right there." And me being a supermodel. All very fun. An hour later, it was over, and I went back to being a nobody.

By the way, I should confess that I have doctored up this magazine article a little. Originally this article covered two separate pages, and at the top of the above page were several paragraphs on pretentious filmmaker Mike Figgis. So I pasted the latter half of my interview on this page, and got rid of The Figgmeister.



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