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This interview was originally conducted by the writer, Glenn Lovell, as a freelance piece for the Los Angeles Times during the summer of 1998. It sat in their lap for several months before Mr. Lovell finally told me that they decided not to run it - "Nobody would be interested in this" was apparently their conclusion. Less than a year later, they put up a big article about how the Blair Witch guys used the Web to market their film.

Anyway, Mr. Lovell contacted me in March 1999 and told me "our story is still alive" - a month later, it appeared on the front page of the Mercury.

Mr. Lovell actually watched the film before finishing his article. The description of the film as a "schizophrenic love story" is his own - funny that he put it in quotes, as if somebody else had said it. All the same, I liked his description and I use it now.


  • Melanie Lynskey did not agree to act in my film "gratis," provided I flew her out for the Ever After audition. She agreed to do my film for free months earlier, when I still just had $40,000. And of course she had never heard of Ever After at that point. By the time we flew her out early for her audition, we couldn't let her work for free - ours had become a union shoot and we had to get her into the Screen Actors Guild and pay her a union salary.


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