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Writer Patti Hartigan certainly seemed nice on the phone when she interviewed me, but I really wasn't pleased with the way this article came out. It's somewhat negative; at times a little insulting. I come across as a bit of a huckster. Well, I must clear up some things.

First of all, dig that quote about "fat cats" and "young guns." I find that when I am interviewed by the press, I often spout off sound bites that I would never say in ordinary conversation. In fact, after I said that line, I laughed and told Ms. Hartigan, "I can't believe I uttered three stupid cliches in one sentence." And guess what? She used them! Watch what you say when speaking to the press!

As for that last little bit, where I come off as pleading for attention for the photos for sale on the site: Ms. Hartigan specifically asked me if there was anything else I should mention about the site, and so I brought them up. These photos are not a major source of revenue, so I don't want it to seem like I'm desperate to sell them.

My final line about "exploiting everything I possibly could" is misquoted. Ms. Hartigan told me somewhat abruptly that I sounded like a salesman, and I said "Well, I've had to sell my movie every day for the past two years." I then went on to talk about how George Lucas said that, in order to support his "independent" film (i.e. The Phantom Menace), he had to exploit everything he possibly could - like putting Jar Jar faces all over Taco Bell cups.


  • I didn't court any cast members with email - some have email accounts, but I did no casting using that method.
  • I didn't design the site right after I had written the screenplay - the site didn't go up until after we'd already shot the film! (This also means that I didn't post my "quiet little plea" for funds right after casting.)
  • I didn't exactly contact Melanie Lynskey's agent - I sent a query letter to her in care of her agent, and it was simply forwarded to her in New Zealand.
  • The "Canadian family" did not send in $10,000. It was $25,000.
  • No, several people did not "kick in six-figure sums." Nobody has invested a six-figure sum in this film, other than yours truly.


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