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PetrosI discover the stage in Sylmar is further than I thought, and I break speed records getting there. There's no craft service and I'm very hungry, so assistant props Petros offers to steal me away for a McDonalds run. I definitely need it, but having arrived on the set late, I don't want to leave again for food (as script supervisor, I'm supposed to be the boring responsible one, and of all people, I should have eaten before I got to the set). Petros says we'll tell - no, ask - A.D. Clint and it shouldn't be a problem. "We'll say we'll be back in 6 minutes and hey, there's no craft service!" he assures me. So Courtney radios Clint and he says fine, much to my surprise. While we're driving to McD's, Petros comments that he can't see Clint really having a problem with us doing this, but he can understand his concern. I say, yeah, he's worried he'll release the one person who'll hold up everything if suddenly they're ready to shoot. Petros agrees, and suggests we should drive on to Tijuana to teach him a lesson. At McDonalds, we each get the #2 - 2 cheeseburger extra value meal. Petros suggests super sizing it, since we're not sure when crafty will arrive. I'm thinking more along the lines of showing up on set of a hungry crew with tasty-smelling fries. Petros says that's not really a problem for him. We get back and I share my fries with Mark, who's enjoying them so much I give them to him. Melanie also munches on some, and the cheeseburgers remain safely in my possession.

First shot of the day is faking Melanie driving, which makes her nervous because she doesn't drive. We're just sitting in the parking lot with the guys pushing the car for the first "stuck in a traffic jam" shot. Then someone has her turn on the ignition, which she does, and she gives a hilarious little scream and quickly turns it off.

Later a group of us are standing in Melody's kitchen, shooting the breeze. I ask Englishman Patrick where he's from, and he says Bristol. Welsh Bethan says "Ah, near me." He asks where she's from, and when she says Cardiff, he suggests he should fight with her then. She smiles and says, "Yeah, a scrap!" At lunch, Patrick and his art dept partner Andreas start joking with each other, Patrick picking a fight. Andreas asks why Patrick is picking on him. I ask Andreas if he's from Cardiff. He looks at me confused and says "Sweden!" Patrick laughs and explains the joke, almost.

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