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Work is 13 hour days with 10 hour turnaround which includes driving to and from, so when I sleepily wake up, I've got to run for work. And today, we're working with Mr. Blackwell!

Mr. BlackwellMr. Blackwell (THE "best/worst dressed list" Mr. Blackwell) is here one day to make an appearance in the film. It's a lot of fun, the producer Julia telling everyone to be sure to dress nicely that day. I ask writer/director Mark how the heck Mr. Blackwell got in this quiet little movie, and he says Richard Moll (who's in the Love, Trevor story)'s agent passed it around to a lot of his clients, which included Mr. B, and he wanted to be in it. Julia begged Mark, he said no cameos, he didn't want to wreck the flow of the movie. She pleaded for the marketing value, and he finally agreed to Blackwell since no one knows what he looks like and it wouldn't be disruptive to viewers.

On set, the crew is saying things like "I tucked in my shirt" (Jack) and "I put a flower on my hat" (Stefanie). I'm really REALLY looking forward to seeing how our wardrobe designer Caroline is going to dress Mr. Blackwell for the scene (he's playing a landlord). Talk about pressure. So he arrives wearing a colorful shirt, shiny blue windbreaker and Guess jeans. Caroline looks at him and replies, "He's perfect! I wouldn't change a thing."

Then we hear about Melanie's nightmare.

TrentAfter yesterday (or, as Melanie would say, "yisterday")'s scene with Melody and Christina [CENSORED] and Christina flags down a passer-by (our production assistant Trent, who acts like Jim Carrey) to take their [CENSORED], Melanie tells us she dreamed last night that Mark has decided to replace Wil with Trent and Trent's all big headed and he says the scene works best for him if they're running up and down the street yelling their lines to the sound guy across the street, and she's, well, okay, and running and running thinking "Oh, God, I hope nobody sees this film."

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