Costume Polaroids

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Yelena Danova 1 (13K)Yelena Danova 2 (12K)

Yelena Danova preferred to keep her eyes closed during the sometimes irritating flash photography. To get an idea of the incredible attention to detail put into continuity, click on the righthand photo to see some of the costuming notes.

Corin Nemec (30K)

Continuity was especially tricky with Corin Nemec's character, as all of his outfits were just variations on a theme: plain light dress shirt with plain dark slacks. Pretty hard to tell apart! Fortunately, Corin had an amazing memory for continuity, which made everybody's job easier.

Wil Wheaton (29K)

Wil Wheaton proves once and for all that he is not camera shy. Funny, it looks as though he's had to pose for costume Polaroids before.

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