Costume Polaroids

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INTRODUCTION: Good costuming tends to go unnoticed in films where the characters are wearing "normal" clothes. It may be hard for the average audience viewer to see how much time the costume designer spends in finding the right items that suit the character, fit the actor and work in the budget. Foreign Correspondents costume designer Caroline Marx worked hard to make sure the actors looked good - and real. Due to our low budget, some actors' closets were raided. Caroline also scoured the racks of studio costume storage and even spent a little money, where needed, to create the perfect outfit.

All that designing could go to waste if the actor was wearing the wrong clothes in a certain scene. Thus, it was up to Caroline's crew to make sure there was complete continuity. A Polaroid photo was taken of each actor after a scene was finished, to ensure continuity for the next chronological scene, whenever it would be filmed. Detailed notes were then written - down to which shirt button was buttoned and which collar was turned in or out. Here is a rare behind-the-scenes look at costume continuity, and a chance for you to see some of Caroline's wonderful choices.

Douglas Coler (15K)Blaire Baron (16K)

Actors Douglas Coler and Blaire Baron show us why costume Polaroids are taken at a 45 degree angle - to fit the entire body in one shot - and why the white paper around the photograph is so useful.

James Michael Tyler (17K)Lisa Lo Cicero (12K)

"Friends" fans may be hard-pressed to recognize James Michael Tyler - "Gunther" on the show - with brown hair and a mustache, which he grew for his role as Melody's neighbor Randy in Foreign Correspondents. Lisa Lo Cicero gives us a pose typical of continuity photographs: jewelry is one of the biggest pains to keep track of from scene to scene.

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