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James Michael Tyler (4k)
JAMES MICHAEL TYLER is known throughout the world for his role as Gunther, the goofy, lovesick Central Perk barista in the legendary TV comedy Friends. He has also guest-starred on Episodes, Scrubs, Just Shoot Me and Sabrina, and starred in the short film The Disturbance at Dinner, produced by Foreign Correspondents producer Julia Stemock.

Richard Moll (4k)
RICHARD MOLL is best remembered as tall bald bailiff Bull Shannon in the classic sitcom Night Court. Richard has also been in a billion other TV shows. He co-starred in the films Scary Movie 2, Evolution, The Flintstones, Jingle All the Way and a slew of other comedies and adventures, including Shadow Hours with ForCor's Corin Nemec and But I'm a Cheerleader with ForCor's Melanie Lynskey.He also provides voice work for numerous animated TV programs.

Dorie Barton (5k)
DORIE BARTON is frequently the subject of Internet searches that land at this web site, so I should mention her cameo role in this film, now that she's become quite an established face on screens both big (All About Steve, Bewitched, Meet the Fockers, Down With Love) and small (The Mentalist, Angel, CSI, Cold Case, and starring roles in One Life to Live and Stark Raving Mad). She even played the young Martha Stewart in the TV movie Martha, Inc. She went to CalArts with ForCor director Mark Tapio Kines and appeared in his first play.

Alice Cunningham (4k)
ALICE CUNNINGHAM had been strictly a stage actress in Los Angeles, appearing in plays as diverse as The Birds, Long Day's Journey Into Night and Macbeth. This was to be her first feature film, but soon after landing her role, she also won the lead opposite Corbin Bernsen in the film The Tomorrow Man. Alice holds the distinction of being the only actor in Foreign Correspondents to have been directed by Mark Tapio Kines before - 5 years earlier, back at CalArts.

Guy Lewis (5k)
GUY LEWIS, the youngest actor in the film, got his start in commercials, starring in national ads for McDonalds, Oscar Meyer (their Super Bowl spot) and others. An accomplished juggler, dancer, stand-up comic and magician, Guy also starred in the short film Cotillion 65, a festival favorite.

More information on the cast can be obtained at this film's entry in The Internet Movie Database.

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