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Steve Valentine (5k)
STEVE VALENTINE hails from London, England, where he has won numerous accolades for his stage and screen work. In the U.S., Steve appeared in the feature films A Christmas Carol, Spider-Man 3, and Mars Attacks!. Perhaps most famous for his long-running role as Nigel in Crossing Jordan, Steve also guest-starred on Cougar Town, House, Monk, Chuck, NCIS, Boston Legal, Charmed, Will & Grace, JAG, and Melrose Place.

Blaire Baron (5k)
BLAIRE BARON starred as Carolyn Sykes in the pilot episode of Babylon 5, The Gathering. She has guest-starred in the popular TV series Without a Trace, ER, Robbery Homicide Division, Once and Again, Seinfeld and Ellen, and films including Sundance-winner Privilege, The Flyboys, I Love Trouble and A League of Their Own. She also produced the 2008 documentary Women in Boxes, about magicians' assistants.

Douglas Coler (5k)
DOUGLAS COLER had a brief life as a soap opera star (as French gynecologist Dr. Picard in Days of Our Lives) and was a regular fixture on the Los Angeles theatre scene as associate producer of the Actors Art Theatre. Their drama The Closer, with Douglas in the lead role, was a hit both in Los Angeles and off-Broadway. He has since relocated to the east coast where he is a busy actor and director for live theatre.

Lisa Lo Cicero (5k)
LISA LO CICERO has been a regular on several soap operas, most recently on General Hospital. (Somehow her surname was shortened to "LoCicero" in the process.) She starred in an Emmy-winning 1997 episode of Law and Order and has guest-starred in Reno 911!, Rizzoli & Isles, Chuck, Bones, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. She has also appeared in the Hollywood hits The Family Man and Rush Hour 2.

More information on the cast can be obtained at this film's entry in The Internet Movie Database.

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