End Credits by Bill Lebeda

billpix1.jpg (12k)THIS IS JUST A SAMPLING of the images Bill Lebeda cooked up for the end credits. Just by viewing the images, you cannot possibly get the full effect - that, in fact, the pictures fully animate, with the large script letters slowly being "written" across the screen as blurred-out stills from the film and images from letters, postcards and other mementos gracefully spin and fly across the screen. One day I will put up a Quicktime of the full credits. Until then, enjoy Bill's work, title card by title card.

Melanie Lynskey
Wil Wheaton
Corin Nemec
Yelena Danova
Steve Valentine
Blaire Baron
Douglas Coler
Lisa Lo Cicero
Richard Moll
Cynthia Ellis (casting)
Hunter Cressall (production designer)
Caroline B. Marx (costume designer)
Bill Millsap and Frederick Hess (associate producers)
Jay Woelfel (editor)
Christopher Farrell (composer)
Scott Spears (director of photography)
Executive Producers
Julia Stemock (producer)
Mark Tapio Kines (writer/director)

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Melanie Lynskey, Wil Wheaton, Corin Nemec, Corky Nemec, Yelena Danova, Steve Valentine, Blaire Baron, Douglas Coler, Lisa Lo Cicero, James Michael Tyler, Richard Moll, Mark Tapio Kines, Mark Kines